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"Rola Misaki, actor in the hot film nicknamed The Next Miyabi, decides to retire for 100 billion"

 Rola Misaki, actor in the hot film nicknamed The Next Miyabi, decides to retire for 100 billion

Rola Misaki, who is familiarly known as Takizawa Rola, is a Japanese artist who is currently a hot star.

So famous, Rola Misaki was even nicknamed 'The Next Miyabi'

It's just that, recently he caused a stir after deciding to no longer act in scenes in hot films.

According to China Record and Tokyo Reporter, Rola Misaki was offered money with a fantastic value of IDR 100 billion by a Chinese businessman whose name is currently unknown.

The money was also offered with the condition that Rola would be his life partner for 15 years.

Rola accepted the offer and stopped being a hot film actor.

Even though this Japanese and Russian artist made his debut in 2012 under the Prestige label.

Her facial beauty and body posture made her name soar high, especially in China.

Unfortunately, in the midst of her fame, Rola Misaki chose to quit and become the partner of a Chinese businessman.

Furthermore, Chinese media reported that the Rola couple and the Chinese businessman were spotted attending one of the events there. The news that Rola was being used as a sex slave spread even more.

According to People Daily, the two of them held hands and both wore masks.

One source said the Chinese businessman was nicknamed 'Serious Brother,' well-known in the entertainment industry and known as a billionaire with big spending.

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10 Facts about Kim Yoo Jung, a Former Child Artist Who Shined!


Kim Yoo Jung

Gaining popularity from a young age, this girl who loves to eat has her full name Kim Yoo Jung. He was born on September 22, 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. Starting from her debut when she was 4 years old in 2003, this Virgo girl's career is increasingly rising and continues to shine in the South Korean entertainment industry which is known to be full of competition.

Kim Yoo Jung who has the desire to follow in her older brother's footsteps and become a model. Now Yoo Jung has proven that she is a talented girl and deserves to be in the entertainment world who has raised names such as Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki.

This artist, who was friends with Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Go when they played in the drama The Moon Embrace The Sun, has interesting facts to discuss. If you are a fan of this beautiful girl, here are 10 facts about Kim Yoo Jung, a former child artist who is increasingly shining.

1. The talented youngest

Kim Yoo Jung is the youngest of three siblings. Born into an intact family, Kim Yoo Jung's life looks perfect. Yoo Jung's talent has been focused since childhood.

Her mother, who often entered her photos in contests, took part in the development of Yoo Jung's career. Starting from the photo contest, Kim Yoo Jung managed to get an offer to play in a milk advertisement when she was 4 years old.

2. Has a beautiful older brother

This slightly tomboyish girl is famous, apart from her charming acting qualities, she also has an adorable beautiful face. Kim Yoo Jung's beauty is genetically inherited from her parents, this can be seen from the faces of her two siblings who are also beautiful.

Yoo Jung often shows her closeness to her two brothers in her social media posts. From the upload, we can see that all three of them have beautiful and handsome faces.

3. Nicknamed 'Saeguk Fairy'

kim yoo jung

Because Yoo Jung often plays roles in Saeguk dramas. Yoo Jung also got the nickname 'Fairy Saeguk'. 'Saeguk' itself refers to a historical drama in Korea. Saeguk-themed dramas are indeed liked by many audiences, both in Korea and abroad.

Showing a historical setting wrapped in a touching romance is able to lull the audience. Yoo Jung's success in presenting a character in every saeguk drama she plays makes her worthy of the nickname fairy.

4. MC SBS Inkigayo

K-pop lovers must be familiar with the music program broadcast on SBS entitled 'Inkigayo'. This music event, which specifically features idols on stage, has become one of the events that many teenagers like. In 2014, Yoo Jung was the MC for this music event.

Kim Yoo Jung was considered successful in presenting the music program well. He was also praised for his skills. Even though he finally had to decide to leave after more than a year of hosting the event with fellow MC Jackson from GOT7 and Sungjea from BTOB.

5. Counterpart Cast

Her beautiful face often appears in various drama titles as the younger version of the female lead. Being part of the main character's character is quite proud. Especially if the main character in the drama has a big name.

Kim Yoo Jung, who has excellent acting qualities, besides being beautiful, is also considered suitable to play the young main character.

6. Acting with Big Bang's T.O.P

kim yoo jung

Once seen at one of Big Bang's concerts, Yoo Jung admitted that he was a fan of the phenomenal Korean boy band. This boy band, which has had a big influence on the Hallyu wave throughout the world, has many fans.

In an event broadcast by MBC. When he was asked to rank the actors he liked the most. Yoo Jung without hesitation put the TOP position in first place. In a film entitled 'The Commitment', Yoo Jung also had the opportunity to act alongside her idol.

7. Lead role in Love in the Moonlight

Kim Yoo Jung should be proud because after playing her counterpart in several dramas for a long time. Now that he has grown up, he finally has the opportunity to play the main character himself. Co-starring with popular actor Park Bo Gum in the series entitled Love in the Moonlight or Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

The popular drama released in 2016 really stole the attention of fans with Yoo Jung's increasingly mature acting quality. Romantic comedy drama genre set during the Joseon kingdom. Yoo Jung's drama has succeeded in making her name shine even more.

8. Hyperthyroidism

After the drama Love on the Moonlight, Kim Yoo Jung is back with her new drama series entitled Clean With Passion For Now. However, after her comeback, news spread that made fans worried about the actress' health.

His busy life as a public figure is extraordinary. This certainly greatly affects his body's health. Was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Yoo Jung finally decided to take a break from busy filming and the world of entertainment that has made her name famous.

Even though his illness did not mean he had to feel the cold of the operating table. However, Yoo Jung must receive treatment for the health recovery process.

9. Hobby fishing

kim yoo jung

In the event entitled Ask Us Anything, this girl who likes the cartoon character named Ponyo surprised the audience when she mentioned a hobby usually carried out by men, namely fishing. Yoo Jung explained that he went fishing by boat for almost two hours to catch a big fish.

The type of fish he caught was yellow amberjack or bluefin tuna. Yoo Jung also added that he once caught fish 1 meter and 30 centimeters long.

10. Good at playing musical instruments

Yoo Jung's progress in the world of entertainment is indeed quite shining. The artistic talent in this egg-loving girl is not only in her acting skills, but also in music. In a program broadcast on KBS2, Yoo Jung and her older sister even showed off their skills in playing the guitar.

Apart from being good at strumming the guitar, the beautiful Yoo Jung is also good at beating the drums and playing the piano. Kim Yoo Jung is truly extraordinary.

So, those are 10 interesting facts about Kim Yoo Jung, a former child artist who is increasingly shining with her talent. Look forward to other information that we will continue to provide for you. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for all.

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Jose Antonio Reyes Biography: Career Journey and Tragic Passing


Jose Antonio Reyes


Jose Antonio Reyes was a Spanish football player known as one of the brightest young talents of his time. He was born on September 1, 1983, in Utrera, Spain, and tragically passed away on June 1, 2019, in a car accident. This article will delve into the career journey and brief life of Jose Antonio Reyes.

Early Career:

Reyes began his football career at his local club, Sevilla FC. His exceptional talent quickly caught the eye of scouts, and at the age of 16, he made his debut for Sevilla's senior team in 1999. He became one of the most promising young players in Spain and played a vital role in helping Sevilla secure the Copa del Rey title in 2007.

Career at Arsenal:

Reyes' achievements at Sevilla drew the attention of top European clubs, and in 2004, he joined Arsenal FC in the English Premier League for a significant transfer fee. Under manager Arsene Wenger, Reyes performed well at Arsenal and played a crucial role in helping the club secure the Premier League title during the 2003-2004 season, establishing himself as one of the key players in that success. However, Reyes' adaptation to life in England was not without its challenges, including differences in language, culture, and weather.

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Jose Antonio Reyes

International Journey:

Jose Antonio Reyes also achieved success on the international stage. He represented the Spanish national team in several tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and the UEFA European Championship in 2004. His contributions to the national team helped Spain become a prominent force in European football.

Return to Spain:

After several years at Arsenal, Reyes returned to Spain and played for several clubs, including Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Benfica, and Espanyol. At Atletico Madrid, he won the UEFA Europa League twice (in 2010 and 2012) as well as the Supercopa de España (in 2010).

Tragic Passing:

Jose Antonio Reyes' life took a tragic turn on June 1, 2019. He tragically passed away in a car accident in Spain at the age of 35. The accident also involved his cousin, who also lost his life. This tragedy shook the football world and took away a beloved football player who was cherished by fans worldwide.

Accolades and Legacy:

Jose Antonio Reyes will always be remembered as one of Spain's talented football players. He left a significant legacy both at the club and national team levels. His humble personality and determined playing spirit endeared him to many. Throughout his football career, he earned various titles and accolades that reflected his quality and dedication to the sport he loved.


Jose Antonio Reyes exemplified talent and dedication in the world of football. Despite facing challenges and hurdles in his career, he managed to achieve numerous titles and became one of the cherished legends of Spanish football. His untimely passing in 2019 left a profound sorrow in the football community, which will always remember him as a Spanish football legend.


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2023 U-20 World Cup Top 16 Results: Israel Escapes Dramatically, United States Feasts on Goals


2023 U-20 World Cup Top 16 Results: Israel Escapes Dramatically, United States Feasts on Goals

The first two matches in the round of 16 of the 2023 U-20 World Cup have just taken place, Wednesday (31/5/2023) WIB. The two teams that came out victorious were the U-20 Israel National Team and the U-20 United States National Team.

Israel progressed in a dramatic way. Israel scored the winner right in the last second of second-half stoppage time to seal a narrow 1-0 win over Uzbekistan U-20 national team.

Unlike Israel, the United States actually feasts on goals. Rokas Pukstas et al scored four goals without reply successfully against the New Zealand U-20 National Team.

Both teams are certain to have secured slots in the quarter-finals. They are just waiting for the opponent to be faced

✅ Erling Haaland: The Rising Star of Football         ⟶⟶⟶⟶⟶⟶⟶

Uzbekistan U-20 0-1 Israel U-20

nothing short of dramatic for Israel in the Under-20 World Cup. Israel previously scored a stoppage-time winner in their final group game to advance to the last 16. Israel won 2-1 at that time over Japan.

A dramatic goal again created by Israel. This time in the round of 16.

Israel scored the winning goal in the 90+7 minute through Anan Khalaili's shot. The only goal was enough to advance Israel to the quarter-finals and send the Uzbekistan U-20 national team home.

United States U-20 4-0 New Zealand U-20

United States U-20 4-0 New Zealand U-20

The United States continues its winning streak. After never losing in three matches in the group phase, this trend continued into the knockout stages.

Owen Wolff first opened the scoring in the 14th minute. The United States scored three other goals in the second half.

Each player, Cade Colwell (61'), Justin Che (75'), and Roks Pukstas (82') scored one goal to seal the United States' 4-0 victory over New Zealand.

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Trending Movie News 2023


The leading American film production company, DC Studios, is set to release its latest Superhero-themed film titled "Blue Beetle." The trailer for this film was released on April 4, 2023, and it is scheduled to hit theaters in August 2023.

"Blue Beetle" is a film that marks the introduction of a new superhero from DC Studios. The movie will feature a story filled with action-adventure, family drama, and sprinkles of comedy.

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So, what is the storyline of this new superhero film? Here's a summary of the information regarding the synopsis of "Blue Beetle."

Blue Beetle

Film Title: Blue Beetle

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Thriller

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Government Plans to Incur New Debt

Release Date: August 18

Release Year: 2023

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States

Production Company: DC Studios

Director: Angel Manuel Sotto

Screenwriter: Gareth Dunnet Alcocer

Synopsis of Blue Beetle

"Blue Beetle" will introduce the first Latin American superhero among the other DC Universe superhero characters, including Superman, Shazam, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

"Blue Beetle" is an adaptation of a DC comic that tells the story of a young boy named Jaime Reyes (Xolo Mariduena). He suddenly gains superpowers after being stung by a blue alien beetle named Scarab.

Jaime acquires the beetle after meeting Jenny while he's at a company applying for a job. During that time, Jenny entrusts him with a mysterious box and instructs him not to open it.

However, due to his intense curiosity about the contents of the mysterious box, Jaime breaks his promise and opens it. When the box is opened, the Scarab inside suddenly attaches to Jaime's face and inadvertently transforms him into Blue Beetle.

One day, Jaime has a strange dream that wakes him up from his sleep. That's when he realizes that the Scarab, an ancient alien biotechnological artifact, has fused with his spine. He immediately realizes that he has transformed into Blue Beetle.

In reality, the alien beetle seeks a host to transform and conquer Earth. However, Jaime, being the host, manages to suppress its malicious intentions and transforms Blue Beetle into a hero who saves the Earth.

Jaime also utilizes the Scarab within him to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from criminal activities that threaten the population. Like typical superheroes, Jamie possesses superhuman abilities that go beyond human limits when he transforms into Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle's superhuman abilities include super strength, laser-firing and cannon-wielding capabilities integrated into his armor, enhanced healing, and more.

Not only that, Jamie has greatly enhanced physical strength. He's equipped with various advanced technologies within his superhero suit. He can even fly, emit plasma weaponry, and deploy a powerful energy shield for protection.

"Blue Beetle" Cast List

Here's the list of the cast of the film "Blue Beetle" as reported by

Xolo Mariduena as Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle

Bruna Marquezine as Jenny Kor

George Lopez as Uncle Rudy Reyes

Susan Sarandon as Victoria Kord

Harvey Guillen

Raoul Max Trujillo as Conrad Carapax / Carapax the Indestructible Man

Elpidia Carrillo as Rocio Reyes

Damián Alcazar as Alberto Reyes

Adriana Barraza as Nana

Belissa Escobedo as Milagro Reyes

Brianna Quinn Lewis as Kord Receptionist

Oshún Ramirez as Nayeli

Bridgette Michelle Bentley as Office Worker

Lovell Gates as Security Guard

Kade Pittman as Black Ops Leader

Jorge Jimenez as Uncle Chema Reyes

Sergio Valente as Soldier XX

That's the summary of the information regarding the "Blue Beetle" film's synopsis along with its cast list. I hope this is helpful.


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Cuevana 3 Ver The Nun 2 / La monja II Pelicula Completa Online Gratis en español

1956 - France. A priest is murdered. An evil is spreading. The sequel to the worldwide smash hit follows Sister Irene as she once again comes face-to-face with Valak, the demon nun.


A follow-up to the enigmatic gothic horror about a strong evil that haunts and causes supernatural harm to everybody it comes into contact with. After the events of the first film, the said powerful evil now begins to spread in 1956 throughout a town in France as word gets out that a priest has been violently murdered. A finished contemplative in her novitiate, Sister Irene, begins to investigate the murder, only to find a demon behind it -- the same evil that terrorized her in the original film as a nun -- Valak, whom she once again soon comes to encounter

Flim Complet Flim Complet Flim Complet Flim Complet Flim Complet Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Film Cely Film Cely Film Cely Film Cely Film Cely Film Cely Film Cely

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Regarder Retribution En Streaming Film Complet Francais

“Retribution” 2023 | Regarder Film Complet en Streaming VF ou VOSTFR “Retribution” film complet en français, “Retribution” film complet en français streaming vf gratuit, “Retribution” film streaming vf, “Retribution” en streaming, “Retribution” en france, “Retribution” en streaming gratuit, “Retribution” en streaming vostfr, “Retribution” en streaming complet, “Retribution” en streaming vf francais, “Retribution” en streaming, “Retribution” en français, “Retribution” en streaming vf, “Retribution” en streaming français, “Retribution” en français streaming vf, “Retribution” en streaming vf gratuit

“Retribution” regarder film complet en streaming vf / vostfr, “Retribution” (2023) vost-hd, “Retribution” film complet en francais, “Retribution” telecharger, “Retribution” film complet en entier

Vous trouverez ici toutes les séries télévisées et tous les films que vous pouvez diffuser en ligne, y compris les séries diffusées aujourd'hui. Si vous vous demandez ce que vous pouvez voir sur ce site, sachez que ce sont des genres qui incluent le crime, le théâtre, le mystère, les séries et les spectacles d'action et d'aventure. Merci beaucoup. Nous disons à tous ceux qui aiment nous accepter comme nouvelles ou informations sur le calendrier de la saison, les épisodes et comment vous regardez vos émissions de télévision préférées. J'espère que nous pourrons être le meilleur partenaire pour vous de trouver des recommandations pour une émission de télévision de différents pays à travers le monde. C'est tout de nous, salutations!

SYNOPSIS Les années 1830, dans les eaux d'une île fictive des Caraïbes. Ariel, la benjamine des filles du roi Triton, est une jeune sirène belle et fougueuse dotée d’un tempérament d’aventurière. Rebelle dans l’âme, elle n’a de cesse d’être attirée par le monde qui existe par-delà les flots. Au détour de ses escapades à la surface, elle va tomber sous le charme du prince Eric. Alors qu'il est interdit aux sirènes d'interagir avec les humains, Ariel sent pourtant qu’elle doit suivre son cœur. Elle conclut alors un accord avec Ursula, la terrible sorcière des mers, qui lui octroie le pouvoir de vivre sur la terre ferme, mais sans se douter que ce pacte met sa vie - et la couronne de son père - en danger…

☐ Film

Un film, également appelé film cinématographique, film cinématographique, film théâtral ou film cinématographique, est une série d'images fixes qui, lorsqu'elles sont affichées sur un écran, créent l'illusion d'une image animée en raison de l'effet du phénomène phi. Cette illusion d'optique oblige le spectateur à voir un mouvement continu entre différents objets en succession rapide. Le processus de réalisation de films est une combinaison d'art et d'industrie. Un film peut être réalisé en filmant une scène réelle avec une caméra argentique ; photographier des dessins ou des modèles “"“miniatures”“ en utilisant des techniques d'animation traditionnelles ; avec CGI et animation par ordinateur; ou avec une combinaison de plusieurs techniques existantes et d'autres effets visuels.

Le mot ”“cinéma”“, qui est l'abréviation de cinématographie, est souvent utilisé pour désigner l'industrie cinématographique, le cinéma et l'art du cinéma. La définition actuelle du cinéma est l'art de l'expérience (de simulation) pour communiquer des idées, des histoires, des vues, des points de vue, un goût, une beauté ou une atmosphère au moyen d'images animées enregistrées et programmées en conjonction avec d'autres pulsions sensorielles.

☐ Comment faire un film

Un scénariste écrira un scénario, qui contient l'histoire qui sera filmée et les mots qui seront prononcés par l'artiste. Ensuite, un producteur embaucherait des gens pour travailler sur le film et obtiendrait l'argent nécessaire pour payer les artistes et l'équipement. Les producteurs obtiennent généralement de l'argent en l'empruntant à une banque ou en trouvant des investisseurs prêts à prêter de l'argent pour faire des films. Certains producteurs travaillent pour un studio de cinéma et d'autres travaillent de manière indépendante (ils ne travaillent pas pour un studio de cinéma).

Les artistes et les réalisateurs lisent des scripts pour savoir quoi dire et quoi faire. Ensuite, le réalisateur dit à l'artiste ce qu'il doit faire et un caméraman prend la photo avec une caméra argentique.

Lorsque le film est terminé, un monteur assemble les images qui seront arrangées pour former une histoire globale d'une certaine durée. L'éditeur de son et de musique enregistrera une partie de la musique et du chant et les combinera dans l'image du film. À la fin, plusieurs copies ont été faites et placées sur un rouleau de film. puis les bobines de film ont été envoyées dans les cinémas. Une machine électrique appelée projecteur émettra de la lumière à travers la bobine de film en cours de lecture et l'image apparaîtra sur un grand écran pour que le public puisse en profiter.

☐ Genre

Genre est un terme pour distinguer différents types de films. Les films peuvent être des fictions (inventées) ou des histoires vraies ou un mélange des deux. Bien que des centaines de films soient réalisés chaque année, peu de films n'utilisent qu'un seul genre, combinant principalement deux genres ou plus.

Action - Ce film présente des effets et des scènes époustouflants, tels que des poursuites en voiture ou des fusillades impliquant des cascadeurs. Ce genre raconte généralement le bien contre le mal, donc la guerre et le crime sont des sujets communs. Les films d'action nécessitent généralement très peu d'efforts pour être regardés, car l'intrigue est généralement simple. Par exemple, le film Die Hard où un groupe de terroristes prend le contrôle d'un gratte-ciel et demande une rançon pour les otages. Après tout, un héros sauvera tout. Les films d'action ne font généralement pas pleurer les gens, mais si ce genre est mélangé à du drame, des émotions seront impliquées.

Aventure - Raconte généralement l'histoire du personnage principal qui part en voyage pour sauver le monde ou ses proches.

Animation - Films qui utilisent des personnages de dessins animés comme personnages. Les dessins devaient être dessinés à la main, mais maintenant le plus souvent à l'aide d'ordinateurs.

Amitié - Implique deux personnages, où l'un doit sauver l'autre et les deux doivent surmonter les problèmes qui se présentent à eux. Les films d'amitié côtoient parfois la comédie, mais il y a aussi ceux avec un peu d'émotion, du fait de l'amitié entre les deux.

Comédie - Films drôles sur des personnes stupides faisant des choses bizarres ou étant stupides et s'impliquant dans des choses stupides qui font rire le public.

Documentaire - Un film sur (ou prétendu être sur) la vie et les événements réels d'une personne réelle. Ce genre est presque toujours sérieux et peut impliquer de fortes émotions, par exemple le film The Last Note Di Nusakambangan.

Drame - Films sérieux et occasionnels sur des personnes amoureuses ou qui doivent prendre une décision importante dans leur vie. Ce genre parle de la relation entre les humains. Ce genre suit généralement une intrigue de base où 1 ou 2 personnages doivent surmonter un obstacle pour obtenir ce qu'ils veulent. basé sur une histoire fictive de nature divertissante. Des exemples de films dramatiques sont généralement des histoires d'amour.

Tragédie - La tragédie est similaire au drame, à propos de personnes qui ont des problèmes. Par exemple, un mari et sa femme sont divorcés et chacun doit prouver devant un tribunal qu'il est le meilleur pour s'occuper de son enfant. Les émotions (sentiments) sont une grande partie de ce film et le public peut être confus et même pleurer.

Film Noir - Drame policier des années 1940 sur le crime et la violence.

Famille - Des films bien faits pour toute la famille. Ce genre est principalement destiné aux enfants, mais il est parfois aussi divertissant pour les adultes. Disney est surtout connu pour ses films familiaux.

Horreur - Un film qui utilise la peur pour attirer un public. La musique, l'éclairage et les arrière-plans s'additionnent pour ajouter au frisson et à l'expérience.

Romance - Les comédies romantiques racontent généralement l'histoire d'amour de deux personnes de mondes différents, qui doivent surmonter des obstacles pour être ensemble.

Science-fiction (Sci-Fi) - Situé dans le futur ou l'espace extra-atmosphérique. Raconte généralement le monde fictif en imaginant la plupart des extraterrestres (monstres) ou des choses qui sentent les robots.

Thriller - Généralement à propos d'un mystère, d'un événement étrange ou d'un crime à résoudre. Les téléspectateurs continueront de deviner jusqu'à la fin du film, quand il y a généralement une fin de torsion.

Western - raconte le cow-boy de l'ouest (Amérique des années 1800). Ce genre peut impliquer des Indiens (Native Americans).

Suspense - Un film qui vous maintient assis sur votre chaise. Ce genre a généralement plus d'une tournure qui peut dérouter le public.

Fantasy - Ce film fantastique implique la magie et l'impossible que les vrais humains ne peuvent pas faire.

Gore - Films qui montrent souvent des actions brutales ou des choses sadiques couvertes de sang, etc.

Guerre - un genre de film lié à la guerre, généralement autour de la marine, de l'armée de l'air ou de l'armée, se concentrant parfois sur les prisonniers de guerre, les opérations secrètes, l'éducation et la formation militaires ou d'autres sujets connexes.
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“Retribution” regarder film complet

“Retribution” en streaming

“Retribution” version française
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